4 styles of Comedy to Distract you

4 styles of Comedy to Distract you

Distractions, so far, from May 2018

I do not have time for these, but maybe you’d like to be distracted.

My biggest distraction this month came from realizing the story I’m working on was depressing me. There was something terribly wrong with it, especially the tone, but most of all I wasn’t having any fun writing it. Nothing silly was happening. So I began to research comedies. Here is the route I took.

Down The Black Hole of YouTube and Back Again.

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How to cheat at Nanowrimo

How to cheat at Nanowrimo

November again. This is Week 3, day 19 of Nanowrimo.

Yes, I am once again writing a novel for the month of November, but I’m doing it a little differently this year. I’m totally cheating.

Here are 6 ways you can cheat at Nanowrimo.

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Simply Distracted; new goals

Simply Distracted; new goals

Why is it bad habits are so easy to start, and good habits are hard? Is it a matter of attitude?




For example, stretching. I work as a baker, and that means early mornings and constantly using my hands and arms and upper body. The easiest way to deal with my pain, especially back pain, is to stretch, every day, after work, but I don’t do this. Continue reading “Simply Distracted; new goals”


“Youth is a writhing thing. It squirms and wriggles in the mud. Youth is considered to be the “springtime” of one’s life… But spring is not always some fanciful fairy-tale time. It’s also the season when all the bugs and squirming things that people hate come crawling out of the earth.”

Durarara!!, Vol. 5 (novel) by Ryohgo Narita